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Dealing with the past : Memory for the future

“I became an ambassador of the ‘Right to know’ because the war did not end for the families of the forcibly disappeared, they are still living it and they have the right to know the fate of their loved ones”, said Mohammad Hamoud, a student from Saint Joseph University.

Engaging Religious Actors to Counter Hate Speech

OHCHR- ROMENA has launched in partnership with the UN Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect (OSAPG) a booklet on “Engaging Religious Actors to Counter Hate Speech, Prevent Incitement to Violence, and Build Inclusive and Peaceful Societies”.

Monitoring the Right to Food in Lebanon

The UN Human Rights Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa held today a webinar on Monitoring the Right to Food in Lebanon: towards empowering the youth for a full realization of the right to food amid current and rising insecurities in the country.

Human rights of migrants at international borders in North Africa and the Sahel

Roueida EL Hage, Regional Representative, OHCHR, MENA   Dear audience and colleagues, On behalf of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, I would like to welcome you and to thank you for joining us today for this multi stakeholder workshop on the human rights of migrants at international borders in North Africa and the Sahel.

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Law 105 in Lebanon on the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared
The Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression
Expression is not a crime


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